A Few Things About Christmas Eve

Christmas Blessings to You! The Granby Church Congregational, UCC, is delighted to welcome you to worship with us at 4pm on the Holiest of Nights!

And in the spirit of welcome, we ask you to observe the public health protocols listed below.

Due to the recent rapid rise of Covid-19 and Omicron Variant infections in both Hampshire and Hampden Counties, the President of Baystate Hospital has announced that his hospital is already over-burdened. As you know, they are the Trauma hospital in our region. We believe strongly, therefore, that we cannot, and must not hold a Christmas Eve service without taking basic precautions against worshippers becoming infected at our service.

Covid-19 precautions to be observed:

  1. There will be two music stands at each entrance into the Sanctuary, each with a pen and pad of paper where EVERYONE present is asked to write their name and phone #. This list is for contact tracing should someone who attended church Christmas Eve call the office to let us know they have come down with Covid.  The name(s) of the person(s) with Covid will NOT be publicized. And, should our church receive word that an attendee on Christmas Eve has come down with the virus, the Office would simply send out a notice to all who attended stating that fact.


  1. Masks covering both nose and mouth are to be worn throughout the service, especially while singing because the droplets that emit from our noses and mouths have the widest range when we sing. Remember, no one likes to wear them, however, we wear them as an Act of Love!


  1. Seating will be in alternate pews. Please sit in the pews marked by a ribbon.


  1. The traditional candlelight singing of Silent Night will take place in the pews. A Deacon will light the candle of the person on the end of the pew and that person will pass the light down their own pew only. There will be no one sitting in front of or behind them.

The church will be open at 11:30 pm for personal meditation and the church bells will be rung at midnight.