“…for they will be comforted” : A quiet Advent service for those with low spirits

Dear Friends,

We again this year are holding what is sometimes called a “blue Christmas” service. We take our title from the beatitudes. Jesus proclaims to be blessed those who mourn, “for they will be comforted.”

The default mood of Christmas is cheer, but for those dealing with a loss or hardship or just the blues of covid-19, that cheer can be alienating. This service is a space to bring our troubles and seek hope and healing together. It is always very beautiful; the emotions are genuine and powerful; and the spirit is perhaps as true to Christmas as it gets.

We anticipate no problem maintaining safety during this service (which will not be recorded or broadcast), because attendance has always been modest. So feel free to come and bring a mask. If you can’t come in person but want to participate, please send your prayer request to me at, and include your mailing address. We will light a candle for your prayer, and send it to you so you can light it during the difficult nights. You can know that you do not pray alone.

Peace be with you as the Christ child approaches!

Pastor Bill