June 6 Prayer Concerns

May the peace of Christ be with you!

Let us share our joys and concerns. You can text or call me to add more to this list.

Let’s start with a great joy: today marks 40 years of marriage for Ginette and Dave Desrosiers. We bless them and hope they find a way to celebrate amid all the restrictions!

Ginette also sends word that Alex LaMarche’s father is in the hospital, and it may be serious. Updates from those who know more would be appreciated. Alex is not a member but has been very generous with offering the local cable channel as a resource for us.

We’ve had a stressful week at our house. Silas had some nausea, fever, and then hives. We took him for a covid-19 test and found out yesterday that it was negative. The test is not foolproof; but his symptoms really don’t match covid-19. We are left wondering what he has and how he got it. We also had our first houseguests this week–what terrible timing! We pray that this family is  safe from whatever Silas has. I (Pastor Bill) was recovering meanwhile from a strange infection around my eye. I give thanks for our medical care, and for prayers we’ve received for Silas’ continuing recovery. I also am praying about how to take all this into account for doing visitations and services in person. But it’s also a joyful week coming up for us: Jessica’s (the 10th) and Silas’ (the 14th) birthdays!

Speaking of which, we give thanks for what was a surprisingly joyful and fun Zoom Church Council service, led by our Moderator Cynthia Scully; thank you for praying for your church leadership. We caught up on church business and are tasking the deacons with looking into in-person meetings as early as June 28. We are not all “of one mind” on how to proceed, but there was a lot of love there to guide us in that direction.

As we go to communion, we remember Margery and Bob Tipton’s dear Aunt Louise. They didn’t get to attend her memorial service because of safety issues, so I promised her I would put a photo of Aunt Louise on the communion table. I’m afraid that now this is the best I can do. We prayerfully lift up Aunt Louise (middle) into the communion of saints as we take the bread and cup of Jesus together this morning.







We hold our nation in prayer as we lurch toward justice, working our way honestly through conflict while, God willing, respecting the life and voice each of us has received from God. Make our church into a community that points the way toward this place where love and justice kiss.

This is what is on our heart this morning, and we present it to God, offering our whole heart to him. Let us continue our prayer around the tables where Christ will join us in communion.