June Adult Class: “Broken Family: The Mainline-Evangelical Split”

Not only our society, but many of our families are divided by a squabble among Protestants. One one side, there are so-called “Mainline” Protestants (found in the UCC, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Methodists, at others) who tend to be more liberal on social issues, more circumspect about biblical authority, more ecumenical toward other churches and religions–and sometimes theologically very confused. On the other side, there are “evangelicals,” which can mean many things, but who generally affirm the Bible as a direct revelation from God, who place a great emphasis on a “born again” experience, and who often run more conservative on social issues. Evangelicals often either ignore mainline Protestants or assume they are not full-fledged Christians. Mainline Protestants manage to espouse tolerance for everyone, but somehow end up being very judgmental toward Evangelicals.

How did we get in this predicament? We’ll spend four weeks in June (9, 16, 23, and 30) sharing stories, reading and discussion the history of this split, and understanding better why we disagree but also how we can still cooperate, respect one another, and get along better. We’ll be greatly helped by the participation of Pastor Kenny of Living Gate and hopefully some of his members!