Live-stream worship on June 14

Dear Church Family,

Well, Alex LaMarche, working with Tasondra, tried for an hour and a half to find enough internet speed to livestream our service. Dave Desrosiers came in and tried to re-configure our internet signal. all to no avail. Finally at about 11:30, we had to just record the service. We’ll see how things work out for next Sunday.

So now you can watch the service thanks to Alex LaMarche on the Granby Community Access and Media, Inc. youtube station. His wonderful equipment and production expertise are much appreciated!

In the confusion, I left out one of the few prayer requests I received; I regret it very much. Dennis lost a friend, Katie. She was living on the margins in Holyoke, and died in prison of causes yet to be determined. She leaves behind two young children. She brought a wonderful sense of humor to her difficult life. I’m thankful to Dennis for sharing his friendship with her. She’s Jesus’ kind of people.

I welcome comments and questions for clarification on my blog.

Order of Worship

Pastor Bill