Parent & Child Class, Sundays 10/27-11/17

Families are often sent to separate rooms when churches do Sunday school, but many studies have concluded that parents have to be a part of their children’s faith education for it to stick. But often parents don’t know how to begin a conversation with their children about faith.

So we are trying a new idea: the Parent & Child Class! In this class, parents and children will read, think, and talk together about questions relevant to families. After an initial lesson for all ages, the group will break into age-appropriate tasks to explore the topic, guided by a teaching team. Then we come back together at the end to see what we all learned. Parents and children will have an easy time continuing the conversation later.

Here’s the schedule:

10/27 : How does the Bible see and value children? How has biblical faith changed childhood?

11/3 : What does God have to do with raising a child?

11/10: Why do we baptize? What does baptism mean to children? To adults?

11/17: What is Confirmation? What do you need to know to be an adult Christian?

Come join us for any or all weeks!