Prayer requests in August

Dear Church of Christ family,

Our new prayer requests for August 8:

Prayers of healing and courage for Marion Mason, who broke her hip, and Bob as he cares for her. Marion is having surgery Wednesday, August 12.

Pray for God’s comfort on Dave and Ginette and daughters Claire and Tammy on the awaited passing of Dave’s mother, Rachel Alice (Joly) Desrosiers. Pray also for Dave’s father Robert and their extended family.

Let us prayerfully consider the coincidence this week of the 75th anniversary of the first atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki, with the terrible and preventable accident that took some 150 lives in Beirut, Lebanon. Human craftiness gives rise to powers of destruction that we hardly know how to control. We give thanks for those working to safely eliminate nuclear weapons, including our local colleague in ministry, Rev. Peter Kakos.

On a related note, I heard from Todd Carpenter, who will be playing bag pipes to help commemorate two World War II events locally. Let us all be with Todd in spirit if not at these events next Saturday. He concluded with a simple message: “May they [all wars] end.” Let us make that our prayer.

Previous prayer requests: 

George Randall shared the sad news that Ricky Francoeur, formerly of the Granby fire department, died on July 27 from pancreatic cancer. We have an address for anyone wishing to send a card. Please pray for the family and help George to carry the burden of grief.

Please pray for Tasondra’s family, especially sister Thomisha, as they deal with health issues and issues of the heart.

I heard from Don Ellis last week; he sent me a very thoughtful message for all Christians to think about today. We were blessed to have Don and Roxanne sojourn with us for a while. They come from a different style of Christianity, but were always very appreciative of what we are doing. I hope we all showed them the same appreciation; in Christ we are all one. Let us pray for Don and Roxanne as they continue to visit churches and offer encouragement.

Diane Percy expressed concern for the “rising chaos” in our community and beyond. The world does seem to be in turmoil, and in an election year, we fear that it will be difficult for our society to come together to address our challenges. Let us pray for our nation and world, and listen for the Holy Spirit to give us creative ways to address these issues locally, at least.

Please be in prayer for our confirmands and confirmation leaders (Bill and Tasondra, with the help of Christian Ed who will be meeting this week) as we ready ourselves to resume the confirmation process.

And please pray for yourselves and your loved ones, trusting all your cares to God. God bless you,

Pastor Bill