Returning inside for worship, 11-15

Dear Friends,

After a wonderful worship and hymn-sing last week, we are ready to return inside the sanctuary tomorrow at 10:30. Please do not come if you have any symptoms of illness, and please bring a mask. Rates are rising in Granby and Chicopee is classed as red, so we need to continue our vigilance.
Please stay home and watch us live on GCAM Channel 12 if you have any concerns. However, we need to train some volunteers to run their equipment if we are to continue live-streaming worship. We will have a sign-up list on Sunday. This is a fun chance to learn to work some nice equipment. If we cannot secure several volunteers, we may have to go back to live-stream only worship (not open to the public).
Our survey from two weeks ago showed that most people present want to sing, and about half are in favor of open windows, even if it reduces our comfort. So we will continue with the procedure from last time, which is a reasonable compromise: We will have no singing until the closing hymn (attached below), at which time windows will be opened wider.
We are encouraging you to gather outside the sanctuary before worship, where our choir will be singing. Catching up with friends will be safer outside, rather than in the sanctuary.
We are right now entering the “Battle of the Bulge” with the corona virus. We have a long winter ahead of us of continuing restrictions; our carefulness and diligence will help keep each other safe during this last challenge. But at the end of it is the promise of a vaccine and a real return to normalcy.
You will find genuine worship of God tomorrow to help keep your eyes on the prize, whether in the sanctuary or online. Peace!
Pastor Bill