Upcoming 9:30 Adult Ed Classes

Hi Early Birds of the 9:30 Class!

This Sunday we’ll begin discussing the second of our classic, and sometimes troubling, biblical texts about the origin of sin: Romans 1:16-2:16. I want to address head-on the controversial passage (commonly taken to be about homosexuality): 1:26-27. (Even though that’s really not central to our topic.)

And then, finally, leave lots of time for the one-on-one discussion we haven’t had time for yet.

Then on April 7, we’ll finish discussing this Romans passage, touch on “justification by faith,” and what are some healthy but still biblical ways to deal with sin.

For April 14 (Palm Sunday), we’ll look at Holy Week and the series of observations that mark this holiest time of the year.

AND: I am so excited about the next series, starting the week after Easter (April 28): “Listening to Doubt.” (See my article in the April Spire.) This is not for everyone; it is for those who are aware of serious doubts to the very fundamentals of faith, or indeed find Christianity on the whole unbelievable. We’ll take doubt seriously and respectfully, and then consider some very different ways to come at those fundamentals, that may help. Please invite anyone you know who knows about doubt and in interested in dialogue (which will also be fun!).