We are still a community (just remotely)!

Dear Beloved,

Jessica, Silas, and I got back Friday from India. I am only now acquiring the means to email the whole church community. I’ve longed to be back in touch with everyone, in these strange new ways!

But our faith in God is too strong to keep our community down. We will be gathering this Sunday (March 29) in our homes to worship together at our regular time: Sunday 10:30. I will email out a liturgy (order of worship) that will include Scripture readings, a sermon, some music, and a time to pass the peace by phone! (I’m actually excited by the novelty of it all.) For those who don’t go online, we will be mailing out liturgies.

I also will begin a class giving an overview of the Bible. I was going to begin that anyway, so I want to stay with normal as much as possible. I’ll attach the first “guided tour” to the Bible; please do the readings that are underlined and be prepared to discuss and raise questions. I plan to allot six weeks for this study, so we’ll begin with half of the attached.

I hope you are all maintaining hope and courage by prayer and by staying in touch as best you can. Don’t hesitate to call me at (773) 955-4034. God bless you!



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