We Welcome Rev Sam Wilde as our Bridge Pastor!

Greetings from Pastor Sam!

Dear Granby Church of Christ members, friends, and folks,

I am coming on board as your bridge pastor. How did this happen? It’s an interesting story. Our family of 7 is a little big for our current home and last summer I went to look at a home for sale in Granby. We really liked the house and in thinking about moving there (from Hadley), I looked into the local church, found you all, and found out you don’t have a settled pastor, but you did have Clare Overlander filling the pulpit, and she and I know one another from many years ago when we each were bridge pastors at churches on opposite sides of the Belchertown common. I didn’t know I was looking for a position. But here I am! (And I didn’t buy the house!)

It is my sincere prayer that I will be a blessing to your congregation and to each of you personally. Yours is a time of transition—and transitions are powerful moments of discovery, recovery and growth. One of the most important things I feel a bridge pastor can do is to strengthen the lay leadership. Pastors may come and go, as you know, so building up the gifts of the congregation enables the church to truly “stand on the rock.”

I’ll be there 3 out of every 4 Sundays. On the Sunday I am not there to worship with you, I’m asking YOU to come forward and give the message. Have you wanted to preach? What about give a testimony? Share your story of faith? You may already know you are called to speak or you may have no idea you have that gift. In any case, come talk to me! I will prepare the service for that Sunday and work with you to share your words. In the beginning was the word!

You might find that I am not quite like other ministers you’ve had. I’ve been in ministry since my ordination at 25. I am a graduate of Smith College, Yale Divinity School, The New Seminary and was trained as a yoga teacher at the Kripalu School of Yoga. I have come to think of myself as a Christian-Interfaith minister. I do believe that Jesus served all people, regardless of affiliation and taught a love that is boundless and boundary-less.

In your mission statement it’s written, “We affirm the worth in all people and work to encourage each individual’s spiritual journey.” That has truly been my work in ministry. I have ministered to all kinds of people, inside and outside of denominational churches. I do not see Christ’s work as limited in any way and the message for me has truly been God is Love.

I know each of you has been through so much—individually and as a congregation. On top of that, we have had two years of a pandemic. I am available to you as your minister in many capacities. I will hold weekly office hours, Tuesday, 9-10:30, a monthly Bible study at the same time, and, as time allows, I am available for pastoral care, visits and phone calls. You can reach me via email:, by phone, 413-687-7265, or by text. My life is a busy one! I do not always answer the phone, but I will get back to you. My position is 10 hours a week, or quarter time, which really isn’t so much. But I’m glad that God works full-time, every minute of every day, never tiring and never needing a day off!

Thank you for welcoming me! In the few times I have been at your church, I have found such a warm, bright and loving reception. I look forward to getting to know each of you. Whatever your journey has been and wherever it may take you (and us), I truly believe that all things work together for the good to them that love God.  

Many blessings,