Worship 10-25 will be inside

The time has come, for which we have been long preparing. With the weather dipping below our 60 degree threshold, we will hold services inside the sanctuary this Sunday, October 25, 10:30 am.
Covid-19 rates in Granby are slightly elevated, and remain generally high around the country. As we know, any infection is not only dangerous but also affects school opening, family visitations for holidays, and many other things. So we will continue to exercise extreme caution around worship, even while we rejoice at returning to our beautiful sanctuary.
We will expect everyone without a medical excuse to wear a mask during the entire worship. Doors and windows will remain open, so please dress warmly. We have blocked off every other pew with blue tape, and we ask you to stagger your placement in the pews to maximize your distance from others. There will be no congregational singing, offering, communion, or passing of the peace. Our hymns will be sung by soloists. (And we are looking for anyone who wants to sing in the coming weeks!) Thanks to Ginette Desrosiers’ initiative, we should have plexiglass screens in place before those who will be speaking unmasked during the service (which is provided for under protocols). Exiting the sanctuary will be done in an orderly way to prevent clustering and awkwardness as we file out.
I fully intend to keep myself, Michael our organist, and everyone else safe. Following protocols and being safe will be our primary act of love to one another. We are blessed with an almost ideal indoor space that will allow for lots of fresh air, distance, and good audio for all.
If you have any potential symptoms (fever, aches, sore throat, cough, loss of taste), we are counting on you to stay home. GCAM Channel 12 will film and livestream the service. (We are still looking for volunteers to help them film in the coming weeks–what a fun opportunity to be a cameraman!) If you are particularly vulnerable to infection, you will enjoy high-quality broadcast of the service on youtube.
It will not be worship like we used to do it. But the bell will ring, the stains of the organ will swell, a message will be devoted to the children, the Word will be preached, and prayers to our God will rise and carry us with them, lifting us out of our anxieties. I hope you will honor this opportunity to worship together in whatever way fits best with your circumstances and judgment.
God be praised!
Pastor Bill

Bulletin for October 25, 2020

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