Worship and Ingathering on September 27

Dear Friends,

I left off some important prayer requests last Sunday:
  • Marjorie Tipton requests prayers for Jen Trott and her family; Jenn died last week of a spina bifida blood infection at the young age of 37. He family has lived in Granby for years. Marjorie knew her to be a “strong and sweet soul,” and gives thanks for her life and for her resting in the house of the Lord.
  • Ginette passed on to me this beautiful prayer in response to the west coast fires: “Do not forget that the ashes falling from the sky are all that remains of the pine and grass and thistle, they are also someone’s loved ones, cherished belongings, irreplaceable items, beloved animals, wild animals, bears, coyotes, deer, and mice and so many other creatures that could not escape. Cherish this ash in a sacred manner. Offer prayers for these beings. Honor their death. Pray for life. Call in rain…. May all beings be safe, be loved, be remembered, be mourned.”
My apologies to all for leaving these out. I am working on a more organized system to collect and present prayer requests.

The weather looks lovely for Sunday. We will hold our annual Ingathering service outside on the Common. This marks the official beginning of Sunday School. The Board of Christian Education invites teachers to come and be commissioned to nurture our children on behalf of the whole congregation. Children and youth will receive gifts for the school year. They can also bring whatever is most dear to their studies to be blessed; this year it is probably a laptop or other device!

Following the 10:30 service, all are invited to stay for a picnic! We decided the safest route is for each household to bring your own lunch; but CE is provided an ice cream treat for dessert. So please come with a mask, chair, and whatever you need for a picnic on the Common.
The bulletin is below; some printed copies will be on hand Sunday.
It will be wonderful to see our teachers and young ones gathered to begin a school year like none other!
Peace be with you,
Pastor Bill
PS: If the weather should change drastically, we will still recognize Ingathering but hold the picnic the following Sunday.