You are encouraged to join us online for worship on December 13

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

We are of a divided mind about how to balance safety with the spiritual benefits of worshipping in person. The deacons and I have struggled to make a good decision, while trying to include our wider leadership–all while taking account of ever-changing data. Some are confident that our indoors worship has been safely carried out; some others have personally known people who became infected while practicing all the appropriate cautions, and so have concluded we cannot guarantee safety in person.
And I believe: both views are true! Fortunately, we do not need to arrive at an absolute decision–all yea or all nay–as long as we make responsible decisions. I have proposed that this Sunday we favor a remote worship service. So we are encouraging everyone to watch our worship at home in complete safety. You can watch the live-stream version at 10:30. Because of an unsteady signal, we’ve had technical problems getting everything to work with the live-streaming. But Alex at GCAM then edits the recording and produces a clean and smooth version that is available a little later Sunday.
You will do yourself, our congregation, and our town a favor by staying home and enjoying the service, especially if you are in a high-risk category (seniors, cancer survivors, immune compromised). Light some advent candles at home! Make the most of it.
But as I said, this rule does not need to be absolute. If you need to worship in person–and our spiritual needs are running deep in these times–or if you cannot access online worship, we can safely host a small congregation to join us for the live filming. The rule is simple: the fewer people who come, the safer for all. If we save those spaces for those who really need them, we can do this safely.
Tune in here at GCAM Channel 12. I’m not sure whether the worship will be broadcast on the cable channel, but you can certainly see it on their Youtube channel.
The bulletin and music are attached. We will be attending to Mary’s “Magnificat” and her powerful words about poverty.
Please remember that Sunday at 7 pm is our special Advent service,”…for they shall be comforted,” a quiet, in-person service for those whose spirits are down in this season.
Blessings on your Advent preparations!
Pastor Bill