Board of Deacons (Diaconate)

The Deacons help to serve the church, especially in the areas of worship and outreach to local people in need of assistance. We also enjoy welcoming newcomers to our faith community.

As Deacons, we work closely with the minister in the order of worship of the church, by assisting in greeting worshipers at the door, handing out bulletins, reading scriptures, and collecting prayer requests.  We also assist in baptisms, setting up and serving communion, and reaching out to all those in need, both young and old.  In keeping with the UCC belief that all people are ministers of the gospel, we are happy to have the opportunity to spread the word of love and peace.  The lifestyle of a Deacon is a very rewarding one, because as we serve others, we can see the power of God, the love and compassion of Jesus Christ, and feel the Holy Spirit.

All members of the church are encouraged to serve on the Diaconate at least for one term, so that they may experience the blessing of service to others and the church.