Board of Missions

We believe that Missions is the heart of the church. Our Board of Missions is active and leads the way for us to impact the community and world. This Board is comprised of nine members and initiates and coordinates the mission activities of this church so that the church shall be informed and inspired to greater participation in local and world missions. At present we have several on-going local missions such as collecting new and used clothing for various shelters, collecting non-perishable foods for different local pantries. CROP Walk, Heifer Project International, Woman’s Shelter Companeras, Habitat for Humanity and help for disaster-torn nations are some of the mission work that we have done and continue to do. We help individuals in need as well as local, national and world organizations that are in need. It is our mission as a church to help as many persons as possible, whenever possible.  We are always open to new ideas for our mission work, and welcome newcomers to help out.