Pastor’s Letter 7-20-22

Dear Granby,

I am so excited for the next two Sundays! You have the opportunity, simply by showing up for Sunday service, to be immersed in the powerful, healing, triumphant love of God. It’s true!

This Sunday, July 24, Trudy Turcotte will be delivering a deeply moving and powerful message, “Wrestling with God,” that will inspire and uplift you.

And, on Sunday, July 31, we have a special guest speaker–though some of you may know her. Gretchen Martin will be giving a talk, “God’s Love Heals,” which is a sermon and a testimony about healing from childhood sexual abuse that will truly touch your hearts and propel your faith.

More on her talk to come! Please plan to come both Sundays and bring your friends. Perhaps even invite a friend who is longing for healing.

Speaking of healing, can you feel the healing that is happening in the church? I hope you can, because it is there. And healing is your way forward.

How many of you have begun work as members of the Committee for the Way Forward? What are your thoughts, ideas, inspirations about the way forward for the church?

Please WRITE me an email and tell me:

The 3 things that work BEST at our church:

The 3 things that work LEAST well at our church:

The 3 reasons I come to church:

THANK YOU FOR participating! The summer is a wonderful time to let our thoughts be inspired by the Holy Spirit and listen for the voice of God.

I am on vacation on Nantucket this coming week, however, I’m always available by email and I will look forward to hearing your “3 things.”

Many blessings,