Happy 250th, Granby!

Our congregation goes back to the very founding of the town of Granby, so we are going all out for the celebrations on Charter Day (June 10)!

We’re hosting a town-sponsored Farm-to-Table Dinner on Wednesday evening, organized by our own Evelyn Hatch. Tickets are almost all gone!

Come by and say “Hi” at our Charter Days booth, Friday through Sunday. We’ll be selling raffle tickets for a beautiful donated painting of the church. Free cookies are in the works!

To work around the parade, we’ll have church on June 10 at 9:00–an informal service of communion with singing and some tributes to our history.

The parade starts at noon. Look for our float with one half of the folks in period costume!  (Thanks to Audrey Walker!)

Then we’ll have great treats for sale near the church sign, during the parade. Mike Simpson is making donut holes and fries; Pastor Bill and Cindy Watson are making pretzels in the shape of 2-5-0.

Thanks to Marshall, Liam and others who signed up to help with pretzels. If you want to help roll a few, come Thursday at 4:15.