Prayer requests for May 17

Please text (773-955-4034) or email prayer requests, and I will add them here throughout the week. Let us be in prayer together:

First, for those affected by the recent storm, especially over 100 who lost their homes in Holyoke. Jessica, Silas, and I had a few scary moments as something like a tornado blew through our street (no injuries; very minor damage). May God give us opportunity to help.

For those who have died because of the virus. May God receive their souls, and give those left behind a way to grieve and express their love.

For those infected with the virus, including friends and relatives of some in our congregation (Nancy Johnson; Jenni and Tasondra). May they find comfort entrusting their lives to God, and may God help them heal and stay strong.

For those of us who have been spared by the virus: may we be reminded of life’s fragility, and by this be awakened into gratitude for life and health, and into compassion for all who suffer.

From Jeff Dwinell: Prayer for the family of Janet Spyker who passed away May 9th in Granby.
She’s the mother of Sue Lariviere (Mark) who have been members of our

In light of the word for this morning, we give thanks for loving relationships in our community, and ask for wisdom as we negotiate the traditions about marriage and what makes for a good marriage. Where these traditions have proven helpful, we give thanks for them. Where they are unhelpful, we ask God’s Spirit to show us a new way. We especially ask God’s Spirit to  bless our attempts to reflect the mutual and equal self-giving in our marriages that Christ has called for in the church.

O God, marriage has always been a blessing and has always been a challenge. We ask you to humble the married among us, so we can freely admit, with no shame, where things in our marriages could be better, and to seek guidance and support from others whenever we need it.

We trust these prayers to your judgment and mercy, O God. Make these prayers for us conform to the prayer Jesus taught us: Our Father…