Worship materials for May 10

Dear Friends,

Grace and peace to you on this fifth Sunday in Easter.

Try preparing yourself for worship by stretching, or finding a good seated posture, or going for an invigorating walk. Then don’t be afraid to do what feels right to create your own sacred space: light a candle, play some low background music, light incense, sit next to a loved one (or distanced, as you prefer).

You can begin worship with reading, out-loud if that’s ok, the Psalm for the day:

Psalm 31

Then please enjoy Michael’s music offerings for today. The lyrics are printed, so sing along!

This week I read the gospel lectionary reading from John, and then the next passage in First Peter. My sermon follows, about 11 minutes long: Scripture readings and Sermon on First Peter

For those who prefer to read: Authority-Defer to or Resist in Christ_

I made a short and rather silly Message for All Ages on First Peter’s phrase: “aliens and exiles.”

Message for All Ages

Please send me your prayer requests, both joys and concerns. I’ll post those separately.

Expect some changes for next week. Thanks to the 20+ people who filled out the survey; you can still do so. The results gave me really helpful insight into what our needs are right now. I plan to make a few changes–mainly to include a video conference fellowship time and Pastoral prayer. I also plan to suspend the 9:30 adult class for a time.

May God bless you this Sunday and give you the courage and opportunities to be a blessing to others!

Pastor Bill