Worship on July 5

We will gather again on the Common, with Center Church and anyone else who wants joining us via live-streaming on GCAM’s Youtube station. Alex LaMarche will also post a cleaned-up recorded version on the site later. Thanks Alex!

If you are coming in person, bring your own chair, a mask, and please avoid needing to use the bathroom. The bulletin is here:  Order of Worship. Please print it and bring it along or download it onto your device. We’ll have a few copies printed on site. We’ll also have bread available, thanks to Mike Simpson! Bring some cash if you want to leave a gift for our Bread Ministries.

Please observe our rules. Covid cases are still low in Hampshire county, but they are rising.

  1. If you have a fever, cough, loss of taste, any covid symptoms, stay home. If you are want to exercise maximal care, stay home. We will stream or rebroadcast.
  2. We don’t want a huge crowd. We wont be advertising this in a big way. Don’t invite people unless you want to sit with them. We want to be able to do contact tracing if any illness develops.
  3. Bring your own chair. Sit with your family group, and at least 6’ from others. We hope to have everyone in the shade.
  4. Wear a mask on your way to find a seat. Deacons will guide you. Esp if its hot, we can unmask once seated. The guidelines allow me to unmask for a sermon, but I will keep far away.
  5. Michael will sing. If you want to sing along, please wear a mask. Or just meditate on his voice, which is better than any of ours anyway.
  6. Children must stay with adults. If you must, you can walk your child around the commons.
  7. We will keep it brief, and ask everyone to go home after. Do not congregate and chat. There will be no fellowship time. You can arrange to visit one another in your backyard if you like.
  8. And we better keep it brief, because bathrooms are for emergencies only.

And bring a grateful heart to rejoice before the Lord!


In our prayers today:

-Betty Fredette asks for prayers for Ray Brunell in the ICU; and for comfort and peace on the death of her neice, Faith Nerriman. 

-Pastor Bill was glad to finally meet Margery Tipton in person; Margery just turned 65.

-Prayers of healing for Heather Ruel, recovering from surgery

-We rejoice with the Gauvins: On June 19 Julia Gauvin received her Girl Scout Gold Award along with her troop, 40067.

-Butch and Karen Eaton give thanks to God and to all those who have been praying for the son, Bill, who is doing better after cancer treatments